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Set your space with our signature selection of vases. Suitably sized for single stems, posies, or larger arrangements of flowers. Each vase holds trace to their handmade histories, adding a hand-felt and sculptural quality to your decor. Pair with ease, as all vessels can be effortlessly interchanged and are generous to style.


Small Vases

Modern vase designs for single buds. Our collection of handmade small vases highlighting lone blooms and are appropriately scaled to not obscure the flow of conversation.

Medium Vases

Thoughtful styles that balancing function and form. Our series of handmade medium vases are suitably sized for mid-stem arrangements, adding effortless variance for sculptural pairings.

Centrepiece Vases

Informed by the principles of sculpture, this collection boasts generous vessels, designed for larger florals. Fill will blooms or greenery, or allow them to stand tall as sculptural silhouettes as centerpieces your space.



Temple Vase

$210.00 AUD